Parc national Tursujuq offers its first winter excursionParc national Tursujuq offers its first winter excursion12/26/2016 5:00:00 AM

Created in 2013, Parc national Tursujuq will begin offering in January 2017 a winter excursion inspired by the traditional Inuit way of life. This genuine nomadic journey combines cultural activities, nordic skiing, cross-country skiing, traditional camping under the northern lights and discovery of the spectacular natural beauty of Nunavik. “Inuit culture is a culture of winter. It’s the most enjoyable time of year for Inuit, and to visit the park,” explains Charlie Tooktoo, the park’s director.

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Parc national Tursujuq is truly unique. A Nunavik treasure covering 26,107 km2, the park is located next to the coast of Hudson Bay, close to the Inuit community of Umiujaq. The territory possesses remnants of human occupation dating back more than 3000 years and former trading posts used by Inuit and Cree. In winter, the park transforms into a snowy wonderland with enchanting landscapes and excursion opportunities that exist at no other time of the year. Winter is the perfect time to view traditional hunting and ice-fishing activities. For all these reasons, Nunavik Parks is keen to share with you this love of winter.

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“Being out on this land in the winter makes you feel more Inuit,” acknowledges Tooktoo. “The landscape is really special and inspiring. With Tasiujaq and the bay frozen, we can go wherever we choose, even to those places which are mostly inaccessible in the summer.”

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This winter excursion is addressed to Québecers’ spirit of adventure, keen interest in their heritage and curiosity about the far north. Over nine days in the company of a team of Inuit guides, visitors will explore the arctic tundra, snow-covered mountains, breath-taking landscapes, as well as traditional foods and activities. Travelling by cross-country ski, snowmobile and snowshoe, visitors will discover the vastness, diversity and intimacy of Québec’s largest national park. The package focuses on traditional ways of life and includes one night spent in an igloo, two nights in a traditional Inuit tupik (tent), and three nights in a fully fitted tent, as well as several workshops on Inuit know-how and traditions.

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​Québec’s largest national park is welcoming visitors to a celebration of winter: the season most enjoyed by Inuit.