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Parc national des Pingualuit

In Québec’s far north –in Nunavik– the exceptionally clear, blue waters of a circular lake lie confined within the walls of an ancient but well-preserved meteorite crater.

For countless generations Inuit have referred to this place as pingualuit, a term that is testimony to this people’s meticulous attention to visual detail. Pingualuit, or pimples in English, fittingly describes the jagged crest of the crater silhouetted against the omnipresent Arctic sky.

Whether viewed from near or afar, Pingualuit Crater unfailingly fills its privileged visitors with an uncommon sense of awe. In Inuktitut –the language spoken by Inuit– another phrase often used to describe the mythical power and beauty of this exceptional site is nunavingmi pikkuminartuq, meaning a remarkable location where a person may come to be revitalized.

Beyond Pingualuit Crater and its ancient legends, the landscape of the Parc national des Pingualuit is flat and amazingly regular. The treeless expanse lends itself perfectly to nature and wildlife observation, and necessarily recreational activities like hiking in summer and cross-country skiing in winter.

An interpretation centre in the community of Kangiqsujuaq presents the park’s natural environment and the region’s Inuit culture. In short, the Parc national des Pingualuit offers truly adventurous travellers an unparalleled opportunity to explore the lands and legends of another time.

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Parc des Pingualuit

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